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May 2010
Hillcrest Dental Care Hires Oral Surgeon - New Service Offering! 05/13/2010

Hillcrest Dental Care has announced the addition of oral surgeon Elliot Greenfeld, D.D.S, bringing a new service to the dental practice.

Hillcrest Dental Operations Director Tricia Chadbourne said, "We are delighted to have Dr. Greenfeld join our dental team. The need for oral surgery is increasing in Berkshire County, and with Dr. Greenfeld on board, we are able to provide patients with oral surgery in a timely fashion."

Chadbourne added, "This is an important addition to our dental services and to our mission of providing comprehensive dental care to Berkshire County residents. Excellent patient care is our top priority at Hillcrest Dental Care."

Dr. Greenfeld's area of expertise includes performing difficult extractions along with erupted or impacted wisdom teeth.

A recent expansion project of Hillcrest Dental Care constructed and equipped two new treatment operatories, allowing Hillcrest Dental to take on additional patients and has created four new full time jobs, including two dentists.

Dr. Greenfeld graduated from Ohio State University in 1956 and received his doctorate in dental surgery from New York University's College of Dentistry in 1960. Dr Greenfeld began his own private practice in the Berkshires in 1963. Since retiring in 2004, Dr. Geenfeld has continued to mentor at Berkshire Medical Center. Greenfeld was Vice Chief of Staff at BMC for three years prior to being appointed Chief of Staff and served as Chair of the Division of Oral Surgery from 1971 to 1973. He is a past instructor with the BMC Dental Residency program and directed the program from 1986 to 1996.

Dr. Greenfeld was board certified in oral surgery in 1967 and served as a member of the faculty at Harvard School of Dental Medicine and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. He has been a delegate to the Massachusetts Dental Society and a consultant to the American Dental Association's Council. He is also a past head of the Berkshire District Dental Society.

Dr. Greenfeld and his wife, Barbara, reside in Pittsfield.

Hillcrest Dental Care is accepting new oral surgery patients. Interested persons may call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Greenfeld at 413-445-6680.

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